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I have blogged about my little Organic garden for years and over that time I created a lot of quick grow guides for all the Vegetables you can find those guides here

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It is finally Spring and things are warming up and life is returning to my little garden. I want to share with you the fact that you don’t need a huge allotment or to turn every inch of your patch into a vegetable garden to grow a decent crop of vegetables – in fact, you too can start Growing veggies in small spaces.

We grow quite a lot in our normal family garden. This is how we grow so much 

  • We have three 5 ft x 3 ft raised beds around the garden for vegetables 
  • We have a Patio Apple tree and two Plum trees
  •  Rhubarb, Red Currants, a Joosterberries and Raspberries are planted in the garden 
  • We grow Potatoes in Potato Bags to save on space
  • Strawberries and Bluberries are in planters and pots 
  • We only grow what we know we will eat - this is important to save space 
  • We invested in a Proper Greenhouse last year which we use for Tomatoes and Cucumbers and houses my Fig Tree and our Avocado in Summer time
  • We grow herbs in pots and amongst our flowers 

The rest of the garden is a lawn, our shed, a compost bin and flowers including a bed full of bee friendly perrenials.

How do we keep thing Organic in the Garden?


We try and encourage wildlife into the garden so we have a water feature with water plants and a small fountain.

 We also have a Bee hotel for the bees and plant Bee Friendly plants to encourage   them and other friendly garden friends like Ladybirds and Bettles.

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We have a Bird Table to encourage birds who keep the caterpillers under control, we use only nemetodes for the slugs as it is the natural way to deal with them. 

We make our own compost and you will find my 50 things to compost guide here 

Get your 50 thing you can compost here