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SlowCooker Beef Goulash and a Handy Giveaway
Beef Goulash A tasty beef slow cooker recipe straight from Hungary – with Smoky Paprika giving it a warm , rich taste with a little kick.
4 People
4 People
  1. Set up your slow cooker – if you are using a liner – add it . If it has a timer – set it and if it needs preheating – do it.
  2. Add you spices to the plain flour and roll your beef steak pieces in the flour mix
  3. Fry the onions and garlic in the olive oil until softened – place in the slow cooker
  4. Place the floured beef pieces in the pan and brown
  5. Add the peppers , potatoes, and mushrooms to the pan
  6. Place the vegetables in the slowcooker and add the chopped tomatoes
  7. Cover everything with the beef stock and red wine
  8. Cook for 6 hours on high or 3 hours on low
  9. Serve with Sour Cream