“Cheezy” Roasted Veg Pasta
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“Cheezy” Roasted Veg Pasta
This "Cheezy" Roasted Veg pasta has to be my most favourite dinner that Mark makes for me and it satisfices my craving for cheesy pasta but is totally Vegan.


The thing that makes this pasta so "Cheezy" is Nutritional Yeast - which is a Vegan Store cupboard essential. 

Most Vegans refer to it as "nootch." It's been in the spotlight in vegan cookbooks and vegetarian restaurants for a long time and for good reason: Fortified nutritional yeast provides a rare non-animal source of vitamin B12.1

What Is Nutritional Yeast? An inactivated form of yeast commonly used to leaven bread, nutritional yeast looks like red pepper flakes, only yellow, or powdered Parmesan cheese, with which it shares a deceptively similar flavour, despite being non-dairy. Engevita is one of my favourite brands so I have included a link below.


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What Does It Taste Like? The words "nutty" and "cheesy" appear in nearly every description of nutritional yeast and I love it in pasta. It adds that umami kick, that savoury background note often referred to as the fifth taste, and similarly to salt, enhances the overall savouriness of the dish, although it contains very little sodium

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The best thing about this "Cheezy" Roasted Veg Pasta dish - is you can use any pasta and change up the Roasted Veggies - we used a lot of courgette in the summer ,for example, as we had a lot in the garden.

I managed to get Mark to give up the recipe so you can all enjoy this tasty and versatile pasta dish.  

Cheezy Roasted Veg Pasta recipe card
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