Sunday, November 29, 2015

The 4 week Countdown to an Organised Christmas- week 2

We are now going into week 2 of our Four Week Countdown to an Organised Christmas - how did week one go for you ?
I got my advent calendars sorted, my card list done  ( I needed my brother's new address) and cleared the freezer thanks to Menu Planning Monday I even picked up a few presents.

1. Get your cards or if you a bit crazy like me, make them and write them all out.Make an evening of it, pour yourself a drink and have a mince pie, rope the kids in to help and slap on your favorite Christmas movie,  this doesn't have to be a chore it can become a lovely family tradition.

2. Next buy stamps - in Ireland you can buy a booklet of Christmas Stamps with 26 stamps in it - the postage has gone up and it is nearly €18.00 euros but you can buy your stamps separately if you don't need so many and plan on hand delivering a few.
Also don't forget that for 70c you can post your letter off to Santa and the big man will send you a reply.

3. Order those online gifts to make sure your deliveries get in before Christmas, I actually got all mine done over the weekend as I know there are a few things that people want that can only be got online.

4. If you haven't started the Christmas Present shop do so now - if you have finished (and yes I know someone that has) well I am jealous and you should be writing an organizing guide  !! Once you have them tick them off your Gift list which you can download  here sorry about the link mix up in the last post I have fixed it !!

5. Make sure the Family Calendar for December is up to date - the holidays can get crazy with Christmas Parties and Nativity Plays and Carol Services so better write them down and not double book !!
6. If you got the fill-able advent calendars  - fill them now if you still haven't got one I heart Nap time has 15+ Advent calendar ideas  they are so darn cute.

7. Decide who is providing what for Christmas Dinner - my brother is hosting this year and will have 15 for dinner, it would be so unfair to place all the burden on him so we split the meal between us, so some one orders the turkey ( do that this week), someone gets the ham and someone brings dessert ect. We have set up a group chat so we can decide who is doing what.

8. If you are buying stocking order them this week - everyone in the family gets one and if you are spending Christmas with us you are getting one , it is tradition. So this year as my eldest's boyfriend is coming for Christmas day we got his stocking.

9. Buy wrapping paper and gift wrapping supplies this week so as the presents arrive you can wrap them - which keeps people from prying and stops that last minute panic wrapping on Christmas Eve.
I have a bag with all my wrapping supplies in and it helps, you just grab the bag knowing everything you need is in it.

10. Check your Christmas tree lights work and replace ones that don't. There id nothing worse that trying to decorate the tree with excited kids only to find out that night/day they are not working. I advise getting some spare bulbs too that way if one goes you have spares handy.

Get the downloadable list HERE and check out my week one post for handy Present, Food and drink list and card lists.