Friday, December 19, 2014

Amber's Homemade Christmas Guide - Presents

One of my favourite programs recently had been Kirstie's Homemade Christmas I am a big fan of hers in fact but while watching with my daughter's they said Mammy you already do make a home-made Christmas - so I thought I would share Amber's Homemade Christmas Guide with you.
 Today's post is Home-made Presents 

Home Made Presents 

Every year I try and make some of my presents.
1. Last year I made these very cute Hand warmers for people's stockings - So easy to make and you fill them with rice which I have added peppermint essential oil too.

2. I also made a couple of infinity scarves for my daughters the pattern is available here I made one in pink and green and one in silver and blue and both are still being used to this day. They make up easy and look great.

3. If you have a bit more time you could make up this - crochet needle/ Make up brush case for the ladies in your life. Instuctions available here 

4. What about some Flavoured herb vinegar or Oil for you foodie friends -  To make flavoured vinegar, you will need bottles and cork stoppers to fit them (vinegar eats metal lids, even coated ones), enough good commercial vinegar to fill them, and fresh or dried herbs and spices. I like to use white-wine vinegar for delicate flavours like lemon balm or tarragon, and apple-cider vinegar for more robust flavours like rosemary. Store in a dark place for 4-6 weeks. You can also store them in olive oil but be careful as storing anything containing moisture for example herbs or garlic in oil can lead to a build up of bacteria so store them in the fridge.

 5. Or what about a jar of homemade chilli relish - the recipe is available to download here and it is perfect with left over ham on chunky bread.

6. For those younger ones what about Hot Chocolate mix I have made up bags of these for my daughter's class before and they are always a hit and I have designed some labels for you to print out. 

Just fill a cellophane bag with the ingredients, we used 5 big spoons of hot chocolate, 1 of powder milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar, a layer of chocolate chips and a layer of mini marshmallows to finish it off, we found the easiest ways to fill the bags was to place the bag inside a glass and fill in layers. Then wrap the labels around and and attach to the bag by punching two holes in the top and threading ribbon through,

Red Printable labels Here
And Blue is available here

7. Also for the younger ones how about a fairy door - I made this one last year for my niece Rachel , I had already got her a present when this request came in so I had to try and make my own and it was actually quite fun - I cut it out of 1/4 mdf and painted it the whole thing, the hinges where scrap booking suplies as were the decorations. I made the key by embossing a small cardboard key and placing it in a little glass jar locket.

8. Got a Frozen fan in the house what about making this amazingly cute Olaf - the pattern is available from One Dog Woof who I am a HUGE fan of and Olaf took me one evening to make.

9. Got a fashionista in your midst try making these gorgeous headbands - instructions available here. I made these for my eldest and she loved them again another evening project so pop on your favourite program and stitch away.

10. Last but not least for the gardener in your life what about this seed tape - so easy to make and you can make up any seed mix you like I found scallions worked really well - they were tried and tested this summer. Link is here