Monday, February 08, 2016

Menu Planning Monday

Hello again - my poor neglected blog I hope to have more time to give you in the future and I hope that Menu planning frees up some of that time - it is handy to know what you are doing each night and takes the guess work out of dinner - you can find my post on Menu Planning on the right hand side menu and you can find lots more menus on I am an Organizing Junkie 

 This week is all about the comfort food mainly because I am sick of being cold and damp and we have another storm blowing through this time it is Imogen and she is not very nice.

Monday - Beef and Guinness pie with Mash and kale - my daughter requested this and I am with her it is so miserable and I have a couple of pre-made pies in the fridge.

 The recipe to make your own is HERE 

Tuesday - I am shopping tonight so we will be having Pizza or something simple like Chorizo and Garden Vegetable Pasta followed by Pancakes of course :)

Wednesday - I love one pot dishes and this one is just fantastic Skillet Chicken and Potatoes - it is the ultimate in comfort food

Thursday-  I am going to the chapel and my friends are getting Married - these people are the best and they have looked after me during the worst time, you couldn't find a nicer couple and I am delighted to be going to see them pledge there love so no dinner :)

Friday - Shepard's Pie - this is my ultimate comfort food but to make it health I am using meatless mince from Aldi which I highly recommend it tastes great 

Saturday - Not sure what we are doing on Saturday we might be going out so I will have a slowcooker Dopiaza  on just in case - it is gorgeous and lovely after a wet day.

Sunday - A roast of course and if you have one you love to cook for try one of my Sweet Treats for Valentines 

Hope you have a wonderful week whatever you do :)  I leave you with a video from last year - quick explanation - my eldest daughter does not talk like that she is messing her accent is not that strong !!