Monday, July 27, 2015

Menu Planning Monday

Monday Monday so good to me - well it isn't good weather wise here in Ireland in fact it is more like November than July but I am not going to let that stop me.
Here is to another Menu Planning Monday - haven't a clue what I am on about or why anyone would menu plan please click HERE for more details. And if you want lots more menu ideas check out the link up on I am an Organizing Junkie.
Below is out menu for next week - as it is the end of the month and money is tight  I am using up what is in my freezer and pantry.


Yesterday we had roast chicken so I have left over chicken and I also have a bag of risotto rice and fresh peas in the garden - so chicken risotto it is.


Last week I made Moroccan casserole - it was gorgeous and I had leftovers so I pop them into the freezer and will be having them this week.


This dish is such comfort food but if you use low fat ingredients you can have the comfort without adding to your waistline - it is a win win if you ask me. The recipe is available HERE.


Thursday is also know as shopping day around these parts and I like an easy meal on a Thursday. I have some mini pizza bases in the freezer so I will jazz them up with toppings from the fridge and serve it with salad. 


 There are two things I love a lot in Eddie Rockets  one is their milkshakes malts, I love strawberry or banana and the other is their sweet potato fries ,which are part of their healthier choices being low GI. Well sweet potatoes are on special in Aldi so I plan on making my own version of the fries and serving it with the beef grills. I might even try and make milkshakes :)


There is mince in the freezer and lasagna sheets in the cupboard and a teenager telling me how much she misses it so Lasagna it is this weekend. 


The last bit of trout is in the freezer and I will stuff it to the gills with herbs from the garden and then cook up some of the potatoes and peas I have currently in season in the garden. 
And follow it with some Apple and Hazelnut Muffins which might be an autumnal dish but hey the weather is autumnal :) 

Have a great week and don't forget you can find me on  Facebook and Pinterest so please link up for lots of recipe ideas and I will follow you back.